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Quality Plastic Injection Molds From Beautiful Northern Michigan

Manufax, Inc. has been building high quality plastic injection molds for the automotive, appliance, medical, electronic, communication, and consumer goods industries since 1988.

  • Engineer, design, and build precision plastic injection molds
  • Offer production, prototype, and aluminum
  • Short lead times a specialty
  • Complete 3-D CAD/CAM design, CNC mill, and CNC EDM services
  • Sample molded parts can be provided upon request
  • American Mold Builders AssociationMember of the American Mold Builders Association since 2001

Our Specialties

Manufax, Inc. excels in the more intricate of tooling utilizing slides, lifters, strippers, etc. but is also proficient at mold repair and engineering changes to existing molds with the precision usually reserved only for new tooling. We also provide full service mold design backed by our extensive CAD-CAM capabilities.

We are extremely proud of the service we provide our customers and would be more than happy to provide you with a timely quote. If you have any future tooling requirements, please feel free to contact us.


Chrysler Adaptor
Chrysler Adaptor "Pop Off" Mold
Delphi Instrument Cluster
Delphi Instrument Cluster
Honda CRV Shifter Lever Overmold
Honda CRV Shifter Lever Overmold